Welcome to Farm to Home Milk

 We work hard, keep it simple, and bring happiness to you by delivering delicious glass bottle milk, 100% Grassfed Milk and other wholesome products to your business each week. Farm to Home Milk is a local Asheville business committed to supplying restaurants and groceries the quality, locality, caring and convenience that they desire. We're glad you're here. Browse our products, learn more about our North Carolina producers, and give us a call to sign up. Local Goodness is on the Way.

Our producers
This 100% and 70% (supplemented with heirloom corn and soybeans) grass fed non-homogenized creamline milk is produced by the Hostetler family in Hamptonville, NC. This Amish family has been in the dairy business since 1979. We are honored to be their partner.
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Our MILK is all Natural, BUT NOT ORGANIC
Our milk goes beyond organic standards by being all natural, local, bottled on the farm without any corporate industrial interference, and by being the freshest, healthiest, and best tasting milk around.  
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