How ordering works

We charge our customers on FRIDAYS for all goods in their shopping carts at that time. All you need to do is SAVE your order in the system. Please note that there is no "Buy now" or "Submit" option on our site!


Farm to Home Milk can deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to your HOME OR business. To shop our products and build your delivery order, delivered one time or with repeating delivery, just go to the "Our Products" section and click on Shop.


To add something to your order, just click the orange "Add to Order" button and select your delivery date, or choose a recurring delivery.


Click "Save and continue shopping" if you want to look at more things, or "Save and review order" to finish and look at what you have.  


Your goods will arrive the following week. Your credit card will be charged each week after the order cutoff time (Thursday at 8 pm), and we’ll email you the receipt.

In other words, adjust your selections as needed during the week, and whatever you have in your online cart at Thursday at 8 pm is what we will bill you for and deliver to your door.

What should I order?

Feel free to shop product by product and create your own special “weekly standard"  order by Thursday at 8 pm the week prior to delivery. It will be delivered to you every week on the same day.

Nice thing is, if you like your service, just relax and let it come to you each week. We take care of the rest!



Building a weekly order

 Things to consider:

1. How many half gallons of milk do you need delivered each week?

2. What kinds of milk? Glass bottle or 100% Grassfed?

3. Do you need buttermilk, chocolate milk, and cream as well?

4. How many dozen eggs do you need each week?



Receiving your delivery

Your day of delivery depends on your location.

As a home delivery customer we ask you to provide a cooler at least 11 inches high out front by 7 am on the day of delivery. Please put ice packs in your cooler or we will provide for you at a charge.

Changing or stopping a delivery order


You can stop your weekly order so long as it is cancelled before Thursday at 8 pm on the week prior to your delivery day. You can also manually change your weekly order online as needed, so long as it done by Thursday at 8 pm prior to your delivery day.


To do this, go to My Shopping Cart in the Our Products section. You will see all of your ordered products, the price, and the quantities you selected.


From My Shopping Cart, you can remove products, add more products, change quantities, and more.

Paying for delivery

We can charge your credit card after cutoff time for ordering each week (Friday at 12 noon) or you can pay by check at the time of delivery.


Our delivery area

In the Asheville area we serve the following zip codes:







And a special route in Burnsville -- email us for information about this route.



THANK YOU for shopping fresh and local with Farm to Home Milk!