Why our Milk is all natural, but not “organic”



Both dairies are all natural but not certified organic:

The large organic dairies in the US are large co-ops that bring together hundreds of farms and carry the milk away in tanker trucks and process the milk in large industrial processing plants by ultra -pastuerizing the milk - this is a process that literally boils out the probiotics and healthy enzymes in the milk that makes it healthy, alive, and digestable. This is done to get an extended shelf life so it can withstand long haul trucking and the industrial distribution system.

To be a certified organic dairy in the USA costs about $250,000.


This is a cost prohibitive process for our small family owned artisan dairies that respectively milk only 130 cows (Maple View) and 80 cows (Wholesome Country Creamery).


Our dairies manage only one herd of cows and the milk from these cows is processed minimally right on the farm and bottled right on the farm. Our milk NEVER goes on a tanker truck. It is bottled on Monday mornings between 4 am and 9 am. We pick up the Milk by 10 am and 1 pm respectively, and deliver to Asheville markets and restaurants by noon the following morning.


Our milk goes beyond organic standards by being all natural, local, bottled on the farm without any corporate industrial interference, and by being the freshest, healthiest, and best tasting milk around.