Is milk from grass-fed cows more heart-healthy?

(Reuters Health) - If milk does the heart good, it might do the heart better if it comes from dairy cows grazed on grass instead of on feedlots, according to a new study.

Earlier experiments have shown that cows on a diet of fresh grass produce milk with five times as much of an unsaturated fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than do cows fed processed grains. Studies in animals have suggested that CLAs can protect the heart, and help in weight loss.
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Zen & the Art of Milk Delivery

At six o’clock on a Wednesday evening, Jonathon Flaum is standing on the porch next to his loading dock in Biltmore Village. Backed up to the dock are a van and a cargo truck, both proudly wearing the azure “Farm to Home Milk” logo.

Flaum himself, wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and a dark winter beard, is leaning against the porch railing, talking on his cell phone to a cafe owner in West Asheville who is considering using Farm to Home Milk in their coffee drinks. Flaum explains where his milk comes from and how delicious it is, then offers to bring by a free pint to experiment with.
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The Milkman Cometh: An Old-Fashioned Tradition Revived

As operations manager for Local Farmers Delivery, McDonald dispatches trucks full of milk to homes throughout Portland, Oregon. The company also delivers a few staples, like bread and eggs, and is focused on milk delivery. Delivery persons even wear the traditional all-white uniforms of yore, with a neat bowtie and cap.

Since milkmen started making door-to-door deliveries to local neighborhoods earlier this year, McDonald has raced to keep up with demand, which more than tripled in the first three months.
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Catching up with Asheville's milkman

In the backyard of the tidy two-story East Asheville home, chickens peck through the grass. Though no one is home, Jonathon Flaum enters the well-kept garage and flips open the lid of an antique cooler.

Removing two empty milk bottles, Flaum replaces them with full containers of grass-fed milk, produced by the Hostetler family in Hamptonville at Wholesome Country Creamery. A thick cap of nearly opaque cream is visible in the neck of the clear glass bottle. This is the kind of nonhomogenized milk that can’t be found in most grocery stores today.
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The milkman returns: Man starts milk delivery service

ARDEN - Jonathon Flaum needed a change from his desk-jockey position in the corporate sector. He decided to fulfill an old-time tradition and become a milkman, delivering products from his refrigerated truck to doorsteps in Western North Carolina.
Flaum, 44, started Farm to Home Milk in January. The company brings bottled farm glasses of milk to residents and businesses and with its success, the Asheville resident recently expanded his route to Fletcher and plans to have a central drop-off location in Hendersonville. In addition to milk, customers can order eggs, bread, meat, poultry and much more from the company that boasts the slogan "Udderly Fresh Milk."
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Milkman makes a comeback in Asheville

The milkman is back in Asheville!
Kate Valentine gives us a look at the old idea with a new twist.
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Small Business Spotlight: 1/17/13

Entrepreneur's modern day milk delivery service
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Small Business Spotlight: Milkman makes a comeback

Jonathan Flaum on why deliveries may be the new thing.
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Old School Milkman Makes Comeback In Asheville

The rise of grocery stores led to the fall of familiar delivery guys, but the milkman might just be poised for a comeback.The route might be reminiscent of something your grandparents remember.

People like the idea of the milkman coming back, said Jonathon Flaum.

Tuesday, his business Farm To Home Milk launched delivery service at 100 homes. We have some good products, Flaum said behind the wheel. I think people are willing to give us a try.

Farm to Home Milk, Asheville’s new milk (and more) delivery service is coming

How does a writer become a milkman? It starts with a walk around Coulter Bay in the Tetons and ends at home.

On vacation in Colorado, Jonathan Flaum mused over the idea of starting a milk-delivery business, an occupation that could move him out of the isolation of his writer’s studio and into a world of interaction. Flaum has published several books, including “How the Red Wolf Found its Howl: The Internal Journey to Leadership.”

But he wanted to find a way to spend more time with his 11-year-old son Ren and 7-year-old daughter Eve.

“You know, (writing) is not the kind of thing your kids can help you with,” Flaum said. “I really wanted to do something where the kids could understand it and interact with it, have fun and help out, ride in the truck with me, help me load it up once in a while.”
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Asheville writer to start Farm to Home Milk delivery service

My friend Jonathon Flaum is starting up a new milk delivery business in Asheville called Farm to Home Milk.

Back in 2005, I was business editor at the Asheville Citizen-Times and I signed on Jonathon to be a columnist for the newspaper. An accomplished author who wrote about leadership, Jonathon wrote “Creativity at Work” and “Meaning at Work” columns that were thoughtful and powerful. He’s been writing about finding your passion at work long before it became fashionable.
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Asheville milk truck ready to launch

Jonathon Flaum has taken a rather creative career turn. And now, Asheville can boast a milk delivery truck, the first since Biltmore Farms ceased milk delivery in 1985 (when the company was sold to PET). 

Flaum, Asheville’s newest milkman, is also an ordained Zen priest, a father of two and a former owner of the Write Mind Institute, a center for leadership and creativity training on Lexington Avenue. He’s also an author, with three books to his credit (published in eight languages), including “How the Paper Fish Learned to Swim: A Fable About Inspiring Creativity and Bringing New Ideas to Life.” 

Writing speeches for business bigwigs between books, Flaum knew he wanted to do something different. 
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Glass-bottle good: Farm to Home Milk offers a modern delivery service

Jonathon Flaum is precisely the kind of person you want to show up on your front porch once a week. With a smile for everyone and a smart blue cap and coat emblazoned with the word “milk,” his demeanor is as wholesome as the product he sells. He’s a milkman. 

With help from his wife, Tami Flaum, and their children, Eve, 7, and Ren, 11, Jonathon heads up Farm to Home Milk, an old-school milk delivery service, complete with a truck and glass bottles — and updates such as online ordering. 
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