About Us

Whenever I went to see my grandfather he’d fix me up a glass of ice cold chocolate milk and butter me a slice of fresh rye bread. He stirred until no more syrup stuck to the bottom of the glass and a froth rose to the top. While we ate and drank he entertained me with stories from when he still had an ice man and a milk man. Pop said that in those days his whole world was within a mile. Fresh local food was a matter of course - there was no other kind. Farm to Home Milk is about the days my grandfather lived. Local and fresh food brought to your store or restaurant.  Having this daily quality made Pop’s life feel solid and assured. It was a simple kind of consistency that a child could recognize and feel in his neighborhood. The impact that time spent with my grandfather had on my life is beyond what I can say. Honoring those moments requires me to do something in accord with that spirit of solidity, simplicity, and constancy. Farm to Home Milk is the most basic expression of that doing. 
- Jonathon, Tami, Ren, and Eve -  The Farm to Home Milk Family