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Welcome to the Farm to Home Milk Family! You can now browse our product list, assemble your recurring order, and make changes to your billing profile. If you have questions about our service please contact


So Let's Get Started Building Your Order:



We offer dairy (mil. butter, cream, ice cream. half and half, buttermilk) eggs, and poultry.


The Cut off time for making adjustments to orders is Thursdays at 8 pm the prior week to delivery if you're in Asheville. Mondays by 10 am for that later week delivery if you in Charlotte or Thursdays by 8 pm if you are in Hickory.

**If you miss these cut off times please text us at 828-225-1900 and we will see if we can add it on at that time without penalty**


Things to consider in Creating your Weekly Standard:

1. The number of half gallons you'd like delivered each week?

2. Type of Milk in Half gallons?

3. Would you like Buttermilk, Chocolate Milk or Cream?

4. How many dozen Eggs would you like each week?

5. Ice Cream, butter?


How Delivery Works:

If you have ordered it we bring it once a week:

Asheville - Tue or Wed.

Hickory - Friday

Charlotte - Wed.

If you are an Asheville customer and need a twice weekly delivery due to space just call and let us know.

You can pay COD or by electronic payment through our website (credit card or ACH)

We rotate your stock and put things away for you.